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Designed to absorb 20ml of boob sweat while shaping comfortably to the body, this ground-breaking bra is the ultimate sweaty boob hack. Absorbent, breathable and soft on the skin, it's sure to become your new breast friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics are used for the Sweatproof Bra range?

The main fabrics are Recycled Nylon, Elastane & Spandex. The Cups and Cradle are made from Merino Wool/Polyurethane blend with 39% Biobased Carbon & Recycled Polyester (exclusive of trims).  Biobased carbon is derived from plant by-products found in the natural environment.

Our recycled nylon is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified and made of pre-consumer waste chips and yarn manufactured in Taiwan. Our fabric mill informs us that this recycled nylon process has a 19% reduction in energy usage and 49% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to virgin nylon production.

Is this product biodegradable?

Our sweatproof bra incorporates fabrics that meet our circular design principles of recycled fibres combined with biodegradable natural fibres. While the bra is not biodegradable it incorporates materials that are innovative, and a lower environmental waste footprint compared to some other non-circular fabrics.

We ask a lot of our fibres – to perform, to be durable, to have a low environmental impact. To achieve this, we work with fabric designers and textile engineers to find new blends that we incorporate into our products. Biobased carbon is derived from renewable cellulose and lignin, found in the natural environment. Our bra cup is independently tested to be 39% biodegradable.

How do you store and care for this product?

Rinse under cold running water before machining in a cold wash. Do not bleach, soak or use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry or iron.  Line dry. Normal professional wet clean.

Does it have different absorbencies?

It is a moisture wicking bra and can absorb up to 20ml of liquid

Where does the sweat go?

Both the cups and front under band are fully lined in merino wool which wicks sweat and keeps you cool and dry from sweat and chafing.

How do I wash it?

Just wash on a delicates cycle at 30°C or below in a delicates bag with regular laundry detergent – no fabric softeners please.