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We love curves so we design products in a range of sizes to support, protect and flatter every bodi.

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We love curves so we design products in a range of sizes to support, protect and flatter every bodi.

Meet the curvy panties that loves your bodi 

At Modibodi, we know that every body is beautiful. We also know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that finding the right pair of panties for you is a matter of personal preference. That’s why our collection of curvy panties with leak proof technology come in a range of cuts and styles to suit your groove — whether you’re a laid back boyleg kind of person or you love a bikini for curvy hips and bums.  

How Modibodi anti leak underwear works 

Modibodi curvy underwear is designed to feel good and flatter your form while giving you protection from periods, pee, perspiration and discharge. From sophisticated staples to sensual and sexy cuts, all of our underwear eliminates the need for tampons, pads or panty liners, so it’s better for the planet and makes your life easier.  

The key to our leak-proof undies is a combination of ultra-thin layers of natural and sustainable materials; merino wool which feels soft and smooth against your skin, Modifier Technology which traps and holds moisture all day and bamboo which acts as a natural odour repellent and antibacterial fabric that leaves you feeling fresh and dry.   

Explore a range of curvy underwear styles to suit your style 

No matter what kind of panties you like to wear, you’ll find a pair to suit your style in our collection of curvy underwear. If you like to feel comfortable and secure even throughout the night, our Classic Full Brief will hold you securely and contain any leaks even as you sleep. Want something a little sexier? Our Sensual French Cut curvy panties are cut with a high leg and feature luxe lace detailing for practical, comfortable undies that still feel chic and sophisticated.  

Made with a medium to heavy absorbency level, the Anti-Chafing Short is a dream for summertime wear; invisible under skirts and dresses while giving you protection all day long. Designed to be worn solo, keep your mermaid thighs comfy, dry and happy while also giving period and leak protection. These shorts won’t ride up and stay breathable even in warm weather, making them your secret weapon for effortless dressing all year round.  

The right absorbency for any day or night 

If you want to feel dry and comfy all day without worrying about sweat stains, or need some serious protection from leaks, Modibodi has got you covered. Choose light to moderate coverage for heavy discharge, light period days or bladder leaks and enjoy complete confidence with our leak-proof designs. Comfortable and reliable, our moderate to heavy absorbency gives you great protection for heavier flow days and light to moderate bladder leaks while still remaining thin and discreet — just like normal undies (only better!).  

If nighttime has you battling leakage, enjoy 24-hour comfort with the Recycled Seamfree Full Brief. This flattering fit can hold up to 50mls, or about ten tampon’s worth of liquid, so you’ll never get caught short while you rest.  

Feel confident everyday with Modibodi curvy underwear 

From sexy curvy bikini cuts to super comfy shorts, Modibodi curvy panties and underwear give you the confidence you desire to get on with your day without worrying about unexpected leaks. When you shop with us, you’re supporting designs and products by real people with real leaking bodies just like you! Every new customer can take advantage of our 60-day Risk-Free Trial, and you’ll get free shipping on all US orders over $75 USD. So what are you waiting for? Join the reusable revolution today!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I wear these with a tampon, cup or pad?

Modibodi are a complete replacement for other leak management products. There is no need to use anything else in conjunction with them, even on your heaviest days. With absorbency options ranging from super light through to maxi-24hrs, you can feel confident every day, flow or no flow.

Do I need to wash them before wear?

Yes, we recommend putting them through the wash before the first time you wear them to help to activate the technology in the gusset.

What size am I?

We always recommend taking your normal underwear size.

What does it feel like wearing them?

Just like regular underwear! Our tech-enabled absorbent gusset was designed to be comfy and discreet, never bulky or heavy. Just pop a pair on and go!