Together, let’s change the world.

The Modibodi Game Changer Grant is a purpose-driven program we’ve created to foster talent, inspire innovation and champion long-term social and environmental change. Now and into the future.

Each year, we’ll help fund an extraordinary person, project or organisation making their mark on menstrual equality, menopause awareness, sustainable textile innovation, climate action, textiles and biodiversity regenerative agriculture, and circular design.

Applications are now open for 2024.

Got a big idea you’re bursting to share with the world? Shoot your shot now and apply for the Modibodi 2024 Game Changer Grant.

This year’s grant is focused on supporting organisations making a significant impact to address period equality – like improving access to menstrual products and education, breaking shame and stigma, and supporting safe and dignified physical and mental menstrual well-being.

Game Changer Grant 2024

How to apply
Step One

Follow this link to fill out and submit your application.

Step Two

A total grant of $60,000AUD will be awarded across one or two winning proposals, along with professional knowledge sharing from Modibodi.

Step Three

Applications close 29th October, 2023 and will be announced in December.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

2023 Game Changer: Irise International

This year, we awarded our first annual Game Changer Grant to Irise International – a global leader in period equity and advocacy.

Their youth-led campaign Every Period Counts brings together young people advocating for schools, local and national government to provide shame-free period products and menstrual education to all UK students – so nobody is held back in school by their period.