What I love about Modibodi Period Panties by Millennial Megan

What I love about Modibodi Period Panties by Millennial Megan

Jul 31, 2018Alice Cheng

I recently wrote a blog on my experience with Modibodi Period Panties I wanted to share what I personally love about my new found period BF

1. Modibodi are SO comfortable

    Gone are the days where you have to awkwardly adjust the pad stuck to your panties because they were poking you non-stop. Say Adieu to the pee-soaked string of your tampon wetting your undies. ModiBodi undies feel like normal, everyday underwear- or maybe even more comfortable!

    2. Sustainable

    Did you know: The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade is a few hundred times longer than the lifespan of the woman who used it? But with just a few pairs of period panties, you can help reduce the unnecessary waste produced from dealing with periods. I love how I am able to contribute to saving our planet just by choosing to wear period undies!

    3. Cost-efficient alternative

    An average woman spends about $4000 on her period over her lifetime, this includes tampons, panty liners and new undies you have to get because of stains. Why should you have to pay so much for your period? Don’t burn a hole in your pocket and get some reusable period panties!

    4. Reliable- I can party in these!

    ModiBodi panties have yet to fail me. I have taken these panties for a night out and they enjoyed it as much as I did. Never have I ever been able to dance like how I did that night when my period is here!  

    5. Periods become easy

    After figuring out the right pantie to be worn throughout the different flows of my period, everything becomes easy. You know that awkward time where you know your period is coming but you’re just not sure when Aunt Flo is going to come knocking on the door? ModiBodi’s period panties allow me to go about my days without having to worry about which exact day my period is coming.  

    I encourage you to road test Modibodi for yourself to truly understand how much they will truly have on your life!~ get yours here xMeg

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