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  • Everything you need to know about night sweats

    This article was written by Dr Jana Pittman for the launch of ModiCool™ Sleepwear.   Night sweats… oh gosh have I been plagued with them. For me, it has mostly been during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The hormone shifts have left me slipping around beneath my sheets, my heart racing, al[...]
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  • How does ModiCool™ sleepwear work?

    We’ve all fallen into the trap of long, sleepless nights. Between heatwaves in the summer and the impact of hormones on our cycles and body temperature, getting a good night’s rest becomes easier said than done.   Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help you reach those 8 hours. When [...]
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  • Does period underwear actually work?

    So, maybe you’ve heard about period underwear, but you’re thinking – wait, does this actually work? How? The truth is, not all period underwear is created equal. And when we say ours work, we mean it. From our innovative multi-layer lining to our 10 years of scientific research, we’re all about[...]
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  • Tips for helping PMS symptoms 

    Let’s face it, everyday life is challenging enough without adding sore boobs, breakouts and mood swings into the mix. So, what’s the secret to dealing with PMS? We asked Olympian-turned-doctor Dr Jana Pittman for her expert advice.   Why do some people get severe PMS symptoms?   We often throw [...]
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  • Bringing period equity to Tonga with Evalani Pouli

    When Evalani first visited Tonga to visit her extended family in 2014, she was struck by the lack of sanitation and toiletry products she encountered.    She wanted to do something about it. Having seen reusable period panties in Australia, it clicked; reusables could bridge both the access and[...]
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  • How we donated 22,000 pairs of period underwear in rural Laos

    When COVID-19 spread across the globe, it had more than one devastating impact. The pandemic and its subsequent worldwide lockdowns and school closures, along with widespread inflation and soaring living costs, have exacerbated period poverty – the struggle many low-income women and girls face [...]
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  • How we’re giving your old Modibodi undies new life

    Well, the time has finally come! Thank you to everyone who took part in our pilot Recycled Pairs Project. You sent us your old Modibodi underwear, now we’re giving them a new life.   Most underwear ends up in landfill, no matter how good the quality is or how long you wear it. Why? Because ther[...]
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  • FAQ: Your questions about period undies, answered

    We have a secret weapon here at Modibodi... It’s our Customer Experience Team, and it’s filled with a talented bunch of people who dedicate their day to helping answer all your burning questions about period undies.   Now, they're here to lend a hand on your journey with reusable period undies[...]
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  • What to gift a new mum

    What’s the perfect gift for someone expecting? *Spoiler alert* it’s not chocolates or candles. Our range of maternity wear is the gift mum really wants.   Carefully crafted to give mums much-needed support and comfort while pregnant, breastfeeding and during post-partum, our range has been dub[...]
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  • Modibodi X The Good Box: Periods don’t stop when life gets difficult

    Homelessness can often feel like a foreign and distant concept. In reality, it can happen to any of us. Whether it’s losing a job, experiencing poor health, or being a victim of the housing crisis, many people are one twist of bad luck from becoming homeless.    But have you ever stopped to thi[...]
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