60 Day Risk-Free Trial

A first-time/new customer can make a claim on 1(one) used product purchased in the first order with Modibodi if you are unsatisfied with this product, as part of our 60 Day Risk-Free Trial. 

You are not required to return the 1 (one) product you are claiming. 

To claim your 60 Day Risk Free Trial, please use our 60 Day Risk-Free Trial Request Form

You will be refunded or credited for the price you paid when purchasing the item. Shipping costs are NOT eligible for credit or refund with our 60 Day Risk-Free Trial for changes of mind - only for products which are faulty, not fit for purpose or which do not match their description. 

Items excluded from our 60 Day Risk-Free Trial:   
● Accessories incl: washbags, laundry bags, hair, face, body and home items 
● Nappies
● Toddler Training Pants
● Socks  
● Towels 
● Clothing - Pyjamas, Activewear, Dancewear, Bras, Maternity Cami-Bra 

60-day risk-free trial and bundle pack purchase:
If you purchase a bundle pack as a first-time customer, only 1 used product is eligible for a refund. All other items must comply with our change of mind or faulty/not fit for purpose returns policy to be eligible for a return.