Ash London talks post birth bleeding and night sweats

Ash London talks post birth bleeding and night sweats

Entertainment guru, Ash London has spent the last 10 years solidifying herself as the voice of music in Australia, forming relations with some of the worlds' biggest artists. Recently she's just taken up as host of her own podcast and now she's on a new journey of motherhood - we've asked her about her birthing experience. 

Post birth bleeding – were you prepared for this or was it completely different than what you expected?

I had no idea what to expect when it came to a LOT of the weird post partum bodily fluids that I ended up dealing with.  I think perhaps the biggest surprise was how long the bleeding lasted for, and how unpredictable it was!

What was the most unexpected part of the birthing experiences?

My whole birth was pretty unexpected as I developed pre eclampsia and was told at 37 weeks that it was time to meet baby!  I had initially planned for a natural birth, but ended up having a c-section – another surprise!  I think both of those things have really prepared me for motherhood in general, which so far has been one big lesson in letting go of control.  I also didn’t expect to bleed as much as I did in the 24 hours that proceeded the c-section – thank GOD for those incredible midwives!

Have you had a chance to use any of the Modibodi maternity range post birth? What did you think?

Absolutely! The maternity briefs were a GOD SEND as they kept me feeling really secure.  As I had soreness around my incision, I needed high waisted underwear that would keep everything in place.  These did that AND took care of the bleeding.  It made me feel so much more human than wearing adult nappies or pads. You lose so much of your dignity over the first few days post partum so these were a really nice way to maintain some sense of normality.  The breastfeeding cami (pictured below) has also been FANTASTIC to wear to bed as it helps with breastmilk leakage!

Do you think the post-partum experience is represented truthfully over social media and in the media?

HELL NO!  It was so much messier than I thought it was going to be.  Between the milk, the bleeding, the night sweats…I felt like I wasn’t even human anymore.  I tried my best to be as honest as I could about my own experience on social media.  There really was nothing glamorous about the experience.  Which is weird because it’s the best thing I’ve ever ever done!

Was there any advice that really helped you?

The best advice was from my friend Ellen who is a mama of three.  She told me to ignore advice and do whatever my own intuition tells me to do.  There’s so much conflicting advice going around that it can be so overwhelming.  She gave me permission to ignore it ALL and just do what I know to be right for Buddy and for myself.  Thanks Ellen!

What advice would you give a soon to be mum?

See above! (and don’t try and be a hero – accept help!!)

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