Exercise, periods and Peaches Pilates

Exercise, periods and Peaches Pilates

Recently we asked our customers if they avoid exercise while working out; 55% of you said you avoided it or opted for a less intense work out such as walking, stretching or strength. This was due to period pains or fear of leaking. 

Our new 7/8 Recycled Active Legging are here with an inbuilt gusset to give you extra support so you can exercise with your period or bladder leaks, without compromising on comfort. 

Peaches Pilates founder Tori Clapham isn’t just about toned tums and buns, she’s also a firm believer in the positive impact Pilates has on your mental health, with her brand earning a cult following for its classes positive body image events, retreats and healthy approach to diet and exercise – including with your period.  

Here Tori answers your most common question about exercise and periods – and how combining the two is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing.  

Society has historically had women fighting their cycles, why is it important to you for women to embrace it and work with it more?  

It's important because A) our cycles aren't going anywhere - they're a fact of life, and we're finally in an era where they can be openly discussed, respected and delved into - rather than being swept under the rug as an embarrassing bodily function. Our cycles are life bringing, we shouldn't be ashamed of them! And B) There's so much pain that can be eased when you work WITH your cycle, rather than against it - we're on a mission to help women feel their best week, month, and year round, and of course, this involves factoring in our monthly cycles. 

How have you designed these pilates classes to be different to others?  

Our Flo Week classes are designed to respect your cycle, work with pain, and offer relief through mobility and movement when you're on your period. They're also created with the intention of building in intensity, as the week progresses, so that near the end of your Flo you're able to enjoy a burn, and some much needed endorphins. 

How does Pilates benefit the body during your period?  

Pilates is perfect for your cycle as it's one of the most modifiable forms of movement out there. We can cater to the difficult days in the lead up and start of your period, and then deliver a challenge as you progress. Pilates is also known for its benefits to mental health - our movements are a marriage of the body and the mind, so they provide a much needed break from a busy brain, and a chance to center yourself.  

What do you hope women get out of this program?  

We hope that they're able to find a new found respect for their bodies, and a chance to perhaps incorporate more rest, and restorative choices into their workout routines, when their cycles arrive. At Peaches, we're all about reframing fitness from a place of self-love - and this includes ditching any guilt attached to needing a break when your body is screaming for it, and honouring the patterns that our hormones dictate for us as women.  

On working with your Flo & movement: 

Day one of your period can often be uncomfortable - whether you're someone who experiences mild cramping, or you need to be in the foetal position with a hot water bottle - we see you. So, our day one class is more of a selection of feel-good moves and stretches, rather than workout. Our hope is that it helps to free your mind and your body, with gentle movement to give you some TLC. 

Day two of Flo Week features a restorative Yin class, designed for day 2 of your cycle when you're in need of some extra love and perhaps pain relief. A beautiful addition to this class is a warm heat back, or even the firm, comforting weight of something like an ankle weight, which we have incorporated into each move.

As we get closer to the end of your period, we start to turn up the heat to get you feeling invigorated - dusting off the cobwebs and ready to take on a brand new cycle. These workouts are more intensive and are longer sessions designed to give you some much needed endorphins.


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