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  • Stop the Silence | Let’s talk groin and buttocks’ chafing

    This month we’re talking about chafing on your groin and buttocks – and how to stop it. But firstly, while most men know what chafing feels like (raw), do you actually know what it is? Or what causes it? Or how common it is? Or how to prevent it from happening? Would you believe the answer isn’t talcum powder, Vaseline or manscaping...but it might be as simple as changing your undies!

  • The Modibodi innovation story – it started with a (life-changing) leak

    Living in Seattle in 2011 after the birth of her second child, Modibodi founder and keen runner Kristy Chong was struggling with a leaky bladder (thanks kids), which was interfering with her ability to live her usually active life. Kristy wasn't having it.  
  • Stop the Silence | We’re putting sweaty balls in the spotlight

    It seems that while we're making progress starting conversations about women's health, including periods and incontinence, the men's story is still not being told. So, let's be bold, let's break taboos and let's talk about real bodies with real leaks. Because if no-one else is going to give you the ball's out truth, Modibodi will. We surveyed 1000+ men to get the lowdown on this month’s topic...drumroll please...sweaty balls. 
  • Activists That Inspire Us - Thomas Hiney

    This year we're committed to finding more ways to empower you to make more sustainable choices by avoiding damaging, single-use products and more comfort for your day to day. What does that mean for you? More innovative solutions for managing your leaks or sweat. That's worth celebrating!
  • Male Incontinence Q&A with Dr Chris Love

    Male incontinence. It’s not your typical over-a-beer topic after a swim or a game of golf; but estimates suggest it does affect around 10% of Aussie men, with a worrying 70% of sufferers (women and men) delaying seeking help. This has to stop. But let’s get the facts straight first. Incontinence isn’t a one-type-fits-all issue. 

  • HALT: Supporting Men's Mental Health

    We are proud to support HALT, a health promotions charity that aims to break down the stigma and shame around mental health, open up conversations and increase knowledge and awareness of mental health. HALT originally started to assist tradies to open up and seek help but now we have a whole of community approach to suicide prevention.
  • Welcome To Modibodi For Men

    We developed the Modibodi men’s range to provide Aussie men with comfy high-performance underwear that keeps their bits at their best, no matter how hot, sweaty, or stressful their day has been.