Debunking Myths About Swimming On Your Period

Debunking Myths About Swimming On Your Period

With Modibodi swimwear, there’s no need to miss out on going to the beach or relaxing poolside. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post dedicated to how powerful and protective our swimwear is against spotting, light bladder leaks and light periods - those posts will come later, this post is dedicated to busting myths about swimming on your period. If you’re based in Australia you know Summer’s right around the corner so it’s the perfect time to tackle your period paranoia before Summer gets well and truly underway.

  • Swimming on your period is bad for you/unhygienic.

This isn’t true at all. Sure, there are treatments in pool water but swimming on your period is, for the most part, completely safe. In terms of hygiene, swimming on your period is not unhygienic. If you’re wearing your Modibodi swimmers the absorbent gusset will protect you in and out of the pool and it has a waterproof layer so no liquid gets in on out. You can also wear a cup if you have a heavier flow and the suction of the cup will ensure no blood gets in the water.

  • You’ll leave a trail of blood everywhere

This isn’t necessarily true. The most important thing is to choose protection that suits your flow and you shouldn’t have any problems with leaks, especially in the water. In most cases, the pressure in the water actually stops your period from flowing temporarily and it’s only when you get out of the water and gravity does its thing that your period will flow as normal again. If you did happen to suffer an unlucky and unlikely leak, your blood would be diluted almost instantly and if you’re in a pool, the chlorine will make sure the pool is disinfected.

  • You’ll get attacked by sharks

While sharks are a very real issue for those of us living ‘Down Under’, you’re unlikely to be a target unless you’re swimming in shark infested waters… and if you are, your period should be your last concern. Sharks can’t actually detect the smell of blood from a mile away and your period isn’t just blood - it’s a mixture of uterine lining, mucus and discharge. To ease your mind a little more, no one has ever been attacked or eaten by a shark as a result of swimming on their period (according to the International Shark Attack File).

We hope we’ve debunked a few misconceptions you have about swimming on your period and given you more reasons to hit the beach without a care in the world!\

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