Australian fashion-technology, underwear brand Modibodi keeps body image real: NO PHOTOSHOPPING OR RETOUCHING ALLOWED!

Australian fashion-technology, underwear brand Modibodi keeps body image real: NO PHOTOSHOPPING OR RETOUCHING ALLOWED!

Since it’s inception, Modibodi decided to feature only unairbrushed models in our marketing, a move meant to challenge “supermodel standards.” Modibodi women have blemishes, scars, stretch marks, real healthy shapes, varied skin colours, and are confident in their own bodies.

Modibodi has made a statement that it won’t allow retouching or photoshopping of it’s models, because they believe cellulite, freckles and stretch marks are natural and should not be seen as ugly and erased. Modibodi keeps Body Image real!

“We choose to use female ambassadors who are achieving empowering goals with their lives and to use a diverse range of models in our marketing practices without photoshopping them, because ultimately we want to empower our customers to strive to be their best and to feel good about themselves, instead of comparing themselves to unrealistic images. Each of our models looks exactly like she does in the photo in real life. Ideally we would love to see other underwear labels embrace more empowering ambassadors and diverse models in their marketing practices as well,” said Modibodi Founder, Kristy Chong. Modibodi also challenges the Australian government to follow the lead of Governments overseas and take more action to help improve women's body image. Minister for Women Michaelia Cas stated last year the federal government wouldn't follow French moves to ban "super-skinny" models, instead she said the industry needs to take action in this area and not the Government.

“For too long there has been too much pressure on women, but young girls in particular to change their bodies to look like the models they see in advertisements. But this is just absurd because most often the images are photoshopped with filters applied to achieve these unrealistic results,” said Kristy. “We occasionally get a few rude remarks on Facebook (not from our customers) when we choose to use non-photoshopped curvy but healthy models in our advertising, but mostly our customers congratulate us on representing a spectrum of real women not just fashion led ideals of what this should be,” said Kristy Chong. Recently, social media sensation and Adelaide trainer, Kayla Itsines says she regrets calling her fitness program the ‘Bikini Body Guide’, she admits she doesn’t like the term BBG anymore, because it implies there’s only one type of body that should be in a bikini.

“I know that body acceptance is difficult for many women and this is why it is vital that other companies and influencers embrace this movement to stop photoshopping and filtering photos that women are subjected to and to show an array of healthy and realistic bodies,” said Kristy

Designed in Australia, Modibodi has reinvented underwear to offer women style, comfort and protection from sweat, bladder leaks, odour, discharge and periods. Modibodi’s flagship underpants made with patent pending Modifier Technology™ are not only a world-class innovation giving women better underwear and a more stylish, comfortable and sustainable feminine hygiene solution, but they are exclusive to the brand. The Modifier Technology™ works by moving moisture away from the skin, so you feel dry, through to an absorbent middle layer. A waterproof film prevents leaks onto clothes, and it is stain resistant and antimicrobial to eliminate odour.

Modibodi provides the wearer with superior comfort and the ultimate protection in a range of undergarments including maternity wear, active wear and everyday underwear; so that girls and women of all ages and sizes can live a more confident and empowered life.

Join us in saying NO to re-touching and photoshopping of women by commenting below.

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All photography by Michael Lassman.

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