Work out videos you will actually love doing at home

Work out videos you will actually love doing at home

Struggling to get outside with young ones in tow? Spending your day stuck at a desk? Making time to exercise has never been harder or more important. The solution? Try one of our favourite online exercise routines from the comfort of your home.

Work out when you are busy

Ten minutes a day. That’s all it takes to get your blood flowing and heartbeat racing. This work out from XHIT Daily clocks in at 10:14, cramming a serious cardio work out into a short amount of time. Once you have mastered all the moves, search their comprehensive channel for a new routine.

Work out during pregnancy

Ready to stretch? These five prenatal yoga poses are designed for you to do during pregnancy at any trimester. Work your way through the entire half-hour video, or work out perfecting one pose a day to feel renewed. Adriene’s fantastic channel contains many yoga videos, each featuring her encouraging way of teaching. It’s one to bookmark and revisit once baby is born.

Work out after childbirth

This powerful post-baby ab workout is a great way to launch your new exercise routine. But remember, since all bodies are different postpartum, make sure you get the all-clear from your doctor before attempting any kind of fitness work out.

Work your pelvic floor

Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women (Michelle Kenway) ; What are Kegel exercises? This is a question we hear a lot. Named after physician Dr. Arnold Kegel, it is also referred to as pelvic floor training. The exercise requires you to squeeze or tighten the levator muscles as a way of building pelvic floor strength, recovering from or prepare for birth, and combatting light bladder weakness. As all the hard work is done inside your body, this video is less about show and more about tell: explaining how to successfully Kegel up and minimise unwanted leakage.

Work out tips

  • Regular briefs are not exactly known for their ability to absorb leaks or eliminate odour and sweat. Get comfortable in breathable work out underwear, and wear a sports bra that you know has got your back.
  • To perfect your form, search the favourite fitness video channel for tutorials of specific exercises.
  • Feeling flush? Book a once-off session with a personal trainer to ask further questions about your form and reward your commitment.
  • Too much time spent looking at #fitspo online can have a negative affect. Focus on your fitness goals, feel good about your progress (no matter how big or small) and be happy you took the time for yourself. Just do you.
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