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Made to keep you moving, our activewear lets you run, jump, spin and gym without limits – or leaks.

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Sweat it out with total confidence in activewear from Modibodi

Forget the days of skipping your workout because of your period. Say goodbye to stressing about leakage or sweat stains during yoga. And never miss an all-day bushwalk because of your flow again. Keep your fitness goals on track and your confidence sky high with the original leak-proof women’s activewear from Modibodi.  

Shop a range of styles to suit you  

Modibodi activewear may look like your standard workout gear — but it’s so much more. Hidden under the sleek designs is hardworking Modifier Technology that soaks up and locks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Super thin layers of sustainable merino wool and quick-drying microfibre feel soft against your skin while acting as a natural antibacterial and odour repellent barrier, so you can get on with the task at hand.  

Our range of styles and absorbencies give you complete control while you work out. Whether you simply want to avoid sweat stains (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) while you push yourself in spin class or need full on all-day protection for bladder leaks or heavy flow, there’s an absorbency to suit your lifestyle and cycle and keep your fitness routine on track.  

Comfy, super-slim women's activewear that keeps you feeling fresh 

Get ready to meet your best ever pair of gym panties. Our Active Brief is the perfect everyday underwear for workouts and staying active — ready to wick away moisture from perspiration, deal with leaks, and handle light to moderate period flow. Unlike the rest of our regular range, the Active Brief is crafted almost entirely from incredibly soft merino wool, for a breathable, leak-proof pair of panties that will keep up with you no matter how hard you’re going in the gym or on the running trail. The clever design feels comfy but is cut to sit on your hips and give you solid coverage on your booty  — so no riding up while you keep it moving.  

To keep you ready to stay active every day of the week, pick up an Active Brief 5 Pack so you’re never caught short without your leak-proof panties. Personalise your bundle with your favourite styles and start experiencing the better version of reusable women’s activewear.

Discover the better activewear, Australia 

We’ve put plenty of research into developing our activewear, so it’s budge free while still being comfy. Of course, it also contains leaks while maintaining your freedom of movement and preventing chafing. From your lightest days when you just want a little extra confidence from sweating and leaks to heavy flow days when you still want to get moving, our chafe-free designs will always keep you feeling dry, fresh and clean.  

Our activewear leggings have been developed for solo use with a moderate to heavy absorbency to give you complete peace of mind while you crack on with the workout at hand. Not only do our Recycled Active Leggings do away with the waste from tampons, pads and liners, but they can hold up 15ml of liquid, or roughly 2 to 3 tampon’s worth of liquid. Coverage that stays in place for three times as long as a tampon? Yes, please.  

Get Modibodi protection for everyday, no matter what you have planned 

From women’s activewear to period and leak-proof panties that change to game, Modibodi is committed to making products that are better for you and for the environment. Ditch the waste and hassle of single-use sanitary products of the past, and embrace the reusable revolution with sustainable apparel that keeps you feeling safe and secure. Shop the collections for every age and stage of your life; from babies to teens, pregnancy to postpartum, for periods panties, pee and perspiration.