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Ultra Incontinence Absorbency


Ultra Incontinence Absorbency

Ultra is our most absorbent style to date, and can hold up to 250ml of liquid with the reusable insert in place. It's the perfect choice for anyone experiencing full incontinence and looks and feels just like regular undies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you wear the Modibodi Ultra Absorbency range for?

The length of time you can wear the product for will be dependent on your level of incontinence as well as how much urine you release when urinating. The product holds up to 250mls. If you have light incontinence you'll likely be able to wear all day or overnight. For full incontinence bladder leaks you may want to change your underwear after urinating. If you are after the products for light leaks and light discharge, Try Modibodi for light bladder leaks.

Is the gusset/ reusable insert going to leak if pressure is applied to it?

As with our period underwear, you can go about your day as normal – no need to worry about leakage from sitting down. As the gusset goes all the way up the front and high up the back of both styles you are also protected while lying down.

How do you store a used pair and reusable insert while out and about?

If you’re out and unable to change at home, bring a fresh pair in one of our Large Waterproof bags! They’re sleek and discreet and the perfect size for handbags and backpacks.  

Just pop your used pair of Modibodi in the Waterproof bag until you’re at home and able to rinse them out. It really is that simple!  

If you have the space to rinse them out, even better. If not, never mind – you can do that when you get home.  

Can you use the reusable insert in your other Modibodi products?

Technically you can wear the reusable insert with our other Modibodi products. If you are wanting to use the reusable insert in our other ranges, we would recommend only wearing it with our Heavy-Overnight or our Maxi-24hrs absorbencies, as these have a full-coverage gusset to accommodate the reusable insert.