We know its awkward, it can be embarrassing and sometimes just down right terrifying to talk about bodily leaks periods, incontinence, menopause, pregnancy, and perspiration.

Modibodi is committed to encouraging open, frank, real conversations about our body's natural changes – let’s face it if your young or old or somewhere in between we all have leaks!

But if you’re doing it tough then managing leaks and getting on with life can be even tougher. That’s why we work with partners to address:

Period equity - because everybody deserves dignity. We donate products to people who may not be able to access products.

Normalising conversations on taboo subjects around bodily leaks - we use our platforms to advocate for and share knowledge on periods, incontinence, menopause, postpartum.

2.3 billion people globally lack basic sanitation services.

Give A Pair - Let’s create period equity together

Every dollar raised from customers, partner brands and Modibodi donations go towards putting a five pack bundle of reusable underwear into a grateful hand.  Together we’ve donated over 201,000 pairs of pants.

Our Partners