Will it work?

Our Period Underwear is truly tried and tested.

Before it gets to you, our period underwear goes through a series of lab tests to triple-check its absorbency powers.

So, when you ask: Will it work?
We can answer with a resounding: Yep, it absolutely will.

Will it leak under pressure?

No more worrying about leaks on your period thanks to the less fancy (but more fun) take on our real-life Hydrostatic Pressure Test. This checks if our lining can hold in leaks under pressure. All you need to do is choose the right absorbency for your flow and change your pair before it starts to feel full.

Will it absorb a shot glass worth?

You might be thinking ‘what does a virgin Piña Colada have to do with period underwear’? The answer: everything. Our range of absorbencies go through a Saturation lab test to hold different amounts of blood depending on your flow. The heaviest Maxi style can absorb up to 50ml – nearly double a shot glass. Cheers.

Will it absorb faster than flame?

Ready, set... While you’re wearing the perfect style for your flow, you'll feel secure and comfy thanks to our absorbent lining that can go from bloody to dry in seconds. To prove it, we replicated our Speed of Absorption lab test by racing the average amount of blood that comes out against the speed of flame.

Will it stain your stuff?

Nope – you won't have to worry about feeling blood on your skin or outfit, either. The Wet Back Test fills our absorbent lining with a small amount of blood, then places a piece of tissue on top to see if it leaks. If you’re wearing the right absorbency for your flow, our lining is designed to feel dry.

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Truly tried and tested
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