Adaptive Underwear

Adaptive Underwear

Aug 02, 2021sophie nelson

We have released a new Adaptive Boyleg– this style has been designed to make it easier for people that are less mobile and may experience varying abilities. 

"Disabled people get periods too and these briefs help make that experience more sustainable and easier to manage. I’m genuinely excited about it and I’d never have imagined that." Cait Ruth, blogger from NZ

"The idea of period underwear has appealed to me for a while now. The sustainability is compelling of course but also the thought of not having to battle with traditional period products as someone with limited mobility is huge. Periods are messy and inconvenient with an able body and doubly so with a disability like paralysis, as is easy enough to imagine, to take an example from my own experience. The fact that Modibodi have a range specially adaptively designed, is really quite exciting and I was so keen to try. 

They’re stylish and the quality is amazing. The adaptive design actually works and is super handy for managing medical devices, and they’re so comfortable. Disability inclusion is often an afterthought for new technologies but these briefs are proof that Modibodi wants to provide their products to everyone who needs them." Cait said. 

Featuring our trusted leak-proof Heavy-Overnight lining that holds up to 20mls of fluid, hook & loop tape fastening and elastic hoops which are easy to grasp, it makes changing simple and stress-free whether standing, sitting or lying down. The perfect pair for those with disabilities, mobility challenged and their carers. 


Our Adaptive range starts at a size 06 in Modibodi which equates to our RED Youth size 10-12, you can find them in our 'Adaptive' collection. ⁠

"Sometimes buttons, hooks and zippers can be tricky when you have a disability. So, when Emily got her hands on Modibodi's NEW adaptive period underwear she was so excited. The velcro closures and loop pulls on either side, make it easy for someone to put on or take off their underwear whether they are standing, sitting, (in a wheelchair) or laying down. Being independent and maintaining a level of privacy and dignity is really important for Emily. These adaptive period pants are awesome!"

Jenny Prior (mother of Emily)


Kate Stanforth is a dance teacher, model, disability activity and charity founder from Northumberland. After becoming disabled at 14, she’s strived to make the world more accessible with a particular focus on the dance industry. Now best known for her inclusive dance academy and high profile dance campaigns, she’s a woman on a mission to give everyone who wants to, the chance to dance”

"Part of my disability means that some days I can’t move my legs very well, or at all! Having the adapted Modibodi means I can independently put on my underwear, which is really important to me”

Kate Stanforth


Robyn Lambird is a Paralympian wheelchair racer. 

"I’ve tried a few pairs of adaptive undies now but I can seriously say these Modibodi Adaptive Boyleg period and incontinence pants have worked the best for me. Other options have tended to have a clasp system similar to most bras and because I have limited mobility and dexterity in my hands this can be a challenge, but these were no trouble at all!"

Robyn Lambird


Check out the range here. The Adaptive Boyleg is available in Heavy-Overnight absorbency and holds 20ml = 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons. Great for heavy periods, heavy discharge, light to moderate bladder leaks. 




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